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Exhibition 2015


In this collection I have used acrylic paint, collage and mixed media.  Materials used for collage are fabrics, papers, tissues, cardboard, jute, lace , sand….etc.

I love textured surfaces as I feel that they give a new dimension to the paintings, making them more three dimensional, more interesting and more alive. I also use stamping at times to enhance and enrich the pictorial space.


My paintings are composed of many layers, that is why I use acrylic paint, since it dries quickly, allowing me to easily add layers of paint and collage…etc.

I do not have one subject matter or one style running through all my paintings. I love to tackle different subject matter that fire my imagination, mainly nature and Persian/Islamic motifs.


* To see the full painting please single click on the image and then proceed to click on the arrows "< >"

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Diving in the deep
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Kilim motif
9- Untitled
10- Untitled
11- Untitled
12- Untitled
13- Flowers
14- Flowers
15- Flowers
16- Diving in the deep
17- Flowers
18- Flowers
19- Flowers
20- Flowers
21- Flower


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